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New World Cafe Online Community Launched!

As new people join the new World Cafe online community every day from
countries around the world – Brazil, Israel, Italy, Finland, Canada,
Costa Rica, Germany, the United States, Russia, Japan, the Netherlands,
New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Chile, Mexico,
Portugal, the Phillipines, France, Ghana, Indonesia, Columbia,
Afghanistan, Bhutan, Belgium, Spain, Croatia, India, Saudi Arabia,
South Africa, Yukraine, Poland, Switzerland, Peru, Dubai, Slovenia,
Tahiti, Venezula, Jamaica, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Bolivia and
Austria – there is a palpable sense of a new kind of community – a
truly global World Café – taking form.

If you have not yet joined us in the new online community, we invite you to go to and
sign up today. Find friends and allies, deepen your
learning, band together and take action, start the conversations and
launch the projects that are closest to your heart – now's the time!

Read on for some of the new features and benefits that are available to us now …

Some of the new opportunities include customizable
individual profiles and a searchable member directory, the ability to post your
event to a shared community calendar, add photos, documents and links to your
conversations, upload photos and videos and other media files to a common area,
write and comment on blog posts, have a live chat with friends, and create and
participate in private or semi-private focused working groups based on a shared
language or interest.

The new community space will let us tag virtually everything
we enter, making the search functions robust enough to find exactly what you’re
looking for.

In addition, things that you are used to now, like sharing
stories and exchanging ideas conversation and resources, will be much easier to
use and track in an intuitive way.

World Cafe in Elementary Schools!

This from Jean Kluver of the Explorer Elementary Charter School in San Diego:

“I thought you might be interested to see how we use World Café at our school with children from K through 5th grade.  We learned it originally from Nanci Cole, a master teacher from the California Association for the Gifted (we don’t use that term, or separate our children – we like their strategies but think they are for all children) but she never told us where it came from. Now I have found your website and shared it with all of our teachers. Now that we know who you are we will credit you and link to your site.

Have a look at our website and you can see how we use it”I have another example of how it is used in first grade.

We are part of a network of nine charter schools and a graduate school of education, so I am spreading the word of your resources.

Thanks, Jean!

Making a Difference

Regional and global steward Carlos Mota said something recently that triggered an important question.

Carlos was talking about not just using the World Café for "business as usual", but utilizing its power for truly transformational work on real issues. In other words, to use the
World Café for those conversations that really matter, that explore new
possibilities and drive social change.

This reminder of our "real work" evokes an inquiry to drive our work long into the future: "When have you seen the World Café really make a difference? Either immediately, in one café, or cumulatively over time?"

Please add your responses to this question in the "comments" field below.