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Harvesting with the Art of Hosting

This beautiful video on the nuances of Harvesting is full of insights from Toke Moeller, Jerry Nagel, Monica Nissen, Jake Voit, and other friends in the larger Art of Hosting network. As we consider the harvest we want to generate through our 20th Anniversary Impact Cafés, and all World Cafés, there is much here to inspire and aspire to.

The video is one of an excellent series commissioned by Jerry Nagel as part of a tri-state multi-year project he carried out in collaboration with the Bush Foundation and InCommons.


Wiser Together Across the Generations

This video of David Isaacs talking about Toke Møller, co-founder of the Art of Hosting, and the power of working together across generations is one of a series by documentary videographer Martin Rausch. It conveys beautifully the interwoven origin stories of World Café and Art of Hosting.

David’s interview is part of a film Martin is currently working on called The Blindspot – Unleashing the Power of Collective Intelligence.