Team Building

This from André Duarte in Brasil:

“The use of positive conversation, through the World Café concept, has been used in many team buildings, culture enhancement events and other workshops I have participated in the last 10 years. Even today, it strikes me how powerful yet (or because it is) simple way it is to address essential and fundamental points. I feel like being part of a process that aggregates everyone in searching for answers, solutions, and insights. Additionally, and maybe more important, it catalyzes the feeling that the team is trailing the right path!

Of course there were other such meetings that did not use those concepts and it has been interesting to compare: those other meetings usually look duller and much harder to lead to the convergence of World Café!”

Andre Luis Oliveira Duarte
CRO – Chief Risk Officer
Banco Votorantim S/A
Former Risk Director of Banco Itau Unibanco

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