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World Café Etiquette Posters

This classic World Café Etiquette graphic illustration was created by reflective visual graphics professional Avril Orloff for you to print out as a poster for your World Café event… there are three sizes to choose from, depending on your needs.

WC-guidelinesLarge (1.4M)
prints up to 18″x18″

Small (732K)
prints up to 8″x8″

Mini (240K)
prints up to 5″x5″


Graphic artist Sonja Niederhumer created her beautiful rendition of World Café Etiquette, also available in table-card versions, in two sizes – high resolution for printing (they work really well printed as an A0 size and laminated), and low resolution for emailing and documents.


“Focus on What Matters”
Low Resolution Poster (pdf 188K)
High Resolution Poster (pdf 7.8M)

“Contribute Your Thinking”
Low Resolution Poster
(jpg 188K)
High Resolution Poster (jpg 8M)

“Speak Your Mind & Heart”
Low Resolution Poster (jpg 157K)
High Resolution Poster (jpg 6.7M)

“Listen to Understand”
Low Resolution Poster (jpg 168K)
High Resolution Poster (jpg 6.3M)

“Link and Connect Ideas”
Low Resolution Poster (jpg 187K)
High Resolution Poster (jpg 6.7M)

“Listen Together for Deeper Insights & Questions”
Low Resolution Poster (jpg 212K)
High Resolution Poster (jpg 7.8M)

“Play, Doodle, Draw”
Low Resolution Poster (jpg 198K)
High Resolution Poster (jpg 7.9M)

“Have Fun!”
Low Resolution Poster (jpg 196K)
High Resolution Poster (jpg 7.6M)


You are welcome to download and use all our image bank resources to support your work. They are available under a Creative Commons Attribution license, and if you use them publicly, they need to be credited with a link to our website. See details in our Copyright and Use Policy page.

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