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Principle Stamps

The following stamps, created by visual reflection professional and World Café host Nancy Margulies, illustrate the seven design principles that guide the World Café process, and the pattern of thinking that produces conversations that matter.

To download them, just right click on each image (option click on a Mac), and choose ‘save image as’ to download it to your desktop or folder of your choice.

You are welcome to download and use these and all our image bank resources to support your work. They are available under a Creative Commons Attribution license, and if you use them publicly, they need to be credited with a link to our website. See details in our Copyright and Use Policy page.

A donation to the World Café Community Foundation is appropriate if you are using them in a paid professional capacity. In whatever capacity you are using them, your contributions help make these resources freely available and are deeply appreciated.

context“Set the Context”

welcome“Create Hospitable Space”

questions3“Explore Questions That Matter”

encourage“Encourage Everyone’s Contribution”

connect“Connect Diverse Perspectives”

listen“Listen Together for Insights”

harvest“Share Collective Discoveries”

doodle“Bonus Stamp: Doodle!”