Unique Opportunity: Discover the Roots of the World Cafe!

On August 3-8 in Boston I am planning to attend a powerful teaching seminar with Dr. Humberto Maturana and his colleague Prof. Ximena Davila, two pioneering Chilean cultural biologists focused on the deeper process of co-evolution and renewal in human systems. They will help us see how we, as human beings with the unique capacity for language,  reflective consciousness, and meaning making through the networks of conversation in which we participate have evolved today’s world…..and what our possibilities might be for consciously co-evolving our futures together in more life-affirming ways.

Maturana’s work has had a profound influence on the deeper intention of the World Cafe as an approach through which people can experience these living networks of conversation and their potential for co-evolving the futures we want rather than being forced to live with the futures we get.  I encourage any of you who want to learn the scientific underpinnings of the World Cafe to join me in this powerful joint

For more information and how to register.

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