World Café Europe in Bilbao, 2008


From June 5 – 7, Bilbao, Spain will provide a unique setting for
conversations that matter about the on-going challenge of renewal.

Come join the WORLD CAFÉ conversations with citizens of Bilbao, people
from all over Europe and the world to explore this year’s topic: Seeing Renewal with New Eyes – The Bilbao Experience

Bilbao, Spain is recognized all over the world as a city which has
successfully transformed itself.  It has inspired World Café Europe to
hold the 2nd World Café European Gathering in this city.

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The Planning Team from World Café Europe in Bilbao, all over Spain and
Europe have been collaborating to create a unique experience of the
city by exploring the topic of renewal.  Through both conversations and
experiences of the cityscape of Bilbao, the participants will consider
the question:

What role does renewal play to address the challenges in our communities, organizations and businesses today?

This 3-day Gathering has been designed for experienced hosts as well as
individuals new to the WORLD CAFÉ.  It explores cutting–edge approaches
to design, hosting and harvesting of a WORLD CAFÉ conversation.

Enjoy the cultural milieu of Bilbao

The Gathering begins with a social evening in a local cultural
institution in Bilbao on Wednesday, June 4th. During this evening of
Basque pintxos and wine, participants will be able meet people from all
over Spain, Europe and the world in an informal atmosphere.   

Experience the city of Bilbao through conversations that matter to them

The Gathering continues on Thursday, June 5th with an exploration of
the city through a series of 12 local WORLD CAFÉS, hosted by
representatives from all sectors of Basque society: education,
business, health, media, economic development, municipal government and
the arts. These conversations will be held all over the city in
locations unique to this Basque city. Participants will be able to
experience as many as two conversations, one in the morning and another
in the afternoon. Conversations will be held bi-lingually or in

In the evening after the local WORLD CAFÉS, participants will gather at
the Sociedad Bilbaina, a cultural institution established in Bilbao in
the early 19th century. Our Bilbao partners from all the the local
WORLD CAFÉS will be joined by the Gathering’s participants to celebrate
the power of conversations in communities.

See the renewal of Bilbao with new eyes

The large scale WORLD CAFÉ conversation on the topic of renewal will
take place in the Palacio Euskalduna on Friday, June 6th and Saturday,
June 7th.  Its award-winning design pays homage the ship building
industry which stood there before the renewal process of the city began
10 years ago.


These WORLD CAFÉ conversations have been designed to provide the
participants with new insights about the renewal process. It will
provide them with concrete ideas and knowledge to lead the renewal
process in their own communities, organizations and businesses.

For the first time, World Café Europe will capitalize on the richness
of the participants coming from all over the Spanish-speaking world by
hosting the WORLD CAFÉ conversations bi-lingually. This design of our
conversation in English as well as Spanish will foster a cross –
pollination of both culture and language.

On Friday evening participants will be able to see the renewal process
of the greater metropolitan Bilbao area en route to a traditional
tavern (Sidrería) in the Basque countryside. Partipants will enjoy the
sounds of traditional music as they enjoy dining together.

Expand your understanding of the World Café principles through conversations

The Gathering concludes on Saturday afternoon with a series of “Coffee
Shop Conversations”.  These conversations will explore issues of
importance to the on-going development of the WORLD CAFÉ together with
experienced WORLD CAFÉ hosts.  People new to the WORLD CAFÉ will be
able to get an in-depth introduction to its seven core principles. The
Coffee Shop conversations will also provide experienced WORLD CAFÉ
hosts with a unique platform to exchange and develop new ideas about
the WORLD CAFÉ with one another.


An early bird price (plus VAT) is being offered until March 15th

World Café Europe is offering an early bird rate (For-Profit € 395 ,
Non-Profit € 295, Student  € 150) to encourage a wide range of
individuals – both experienced as well as young professionals – to
attend the Gathering. A limited number of discounted rooms at the Sheraton Bilbao (across the
street from the Palacio Euskalduna) are also available until March

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