World Café as Millenial Child

helen-tichen-beethThis beautiful anniversary message is from Helen Titchen Beeth.

Helen was a key pioneer in bringing participatory practices like World Café into the European Commission, and she is a most charming and (always) inspirational friend. I’ll never forget how “at home” she made me feel during my first visit to Brussels.

“The World Café seems to me to be one of the brightest of all the millennial children. The simplicity of bringing people together as human beings to talk about what matters to them. The profundity of creating hospitable spaces where individuals can witness the power and intelligence of the collective. Where learning is both safe and unavoidable. Where the highest and the lowest can meet on an equal footing and where every voice can be heard. An alchemical process – seeded by a heartfelt invitation and a skilfully crafted, relevant question – the natural by-product of which is more connection, more trust, more hope.

They say “you can count the seeds in an apple, but you can’t count the apples in a seed”. Well, the World Café has strewn orchards across the world.”

Thank you, Helen!

Join the international World Cafe community for online Global Impact Cafés November 17th & 18th!

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