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World Café Impact Jamboree


World Café Impact Jamboree

Created for the World Café by graphic professional Susan Kelly
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Celebrating 20 Years of Impact!

The 20th Anniversary of the World Café coincides with a time when another world is not only possible, but essential – and it’s already alive and thriving in parts of our globe.

World Café, Art of Hosting, and other practitioners using World Café around the world are at the leading edge of this social change.

Now is the time to collectively document the impact we’ve been making over the last 20 years – share your Stories of Impact & let’s use the power of our interconnected networks to celebrate our gains, learn together, and further legitimize participatory practices as a way to foster positive change.

Join us as all World Café hosts come together to tell this remarkable story of 20 years of friendship, generosity, learning, collaboration, and action.

Seed the next 20 Years of Impact!

Activate your passion for a better world by hosting an Impact Café with your context. What’s the impact you want to make? What are the issues you care about most? What are the future/s we want to create together? Share the results of your local Impact Café with us so we can continue to learn and grow and together see what is possible now.

Thank you for a wonderful 20 years! We’re looking forward to the next 20 & beyond!

Read on for more about how to participate in the 20th Anniversary Impact Jamboree…



Have you been personally impacted by a World Café you’ve been part of as a participant or host? Have you experienced or seen the impact that World Café has made in the world? Share your Story of Impact using this simple format, and join in the collective celebration of where we have come together!

In 2016 we will be publishing a World Café Field Book – a compendium of stories about where the World Café has had a significant influence/impact in a variety of sectors. The Field Book and your additions to a list of where World Cafés are being held around the world will ensure that every World Café host, wherever you are working, has the legitimacy, leverage, and tools we need to work with a broad range of constituencies.
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Use this 20th Anniversary as inspiration to bring your community together and have the meaningful conversations that are so needed at this time. Where are your people ready to act, but lacking the collective confidence to take next steps? What are the conversations that are now ready to be engaged? Whether it’s around issues of food security, inter-generational relationships, police and military accountability, education, refugees and border issues, race relations, or whatever is “hot” where you live – host a Local Impact Café that aims to effect positive change in your region.



Join with others in your community to address key issues in your region.  Celebrate the power of conversation to initiate wise action and impact change; and activate friendships, new and old, by being part of an Impact Café where you live and work.



Be part of one of the online global Impact Cafés we host in order to harvest and build on the themes emerging from the local Impact Cafés.

These online World Café are a powerful opportunity to engage with and be inspired by overlapping communities of international practitioners making a difference in the world.



The first two decades of the World Café have been largely supported through the gift economy, which has been both wonderful and challenging. In order to assure our continued learning and sharing, we are reliant on everyone’s support and contribution. Join the global community of practitioners ensuring the World Café’s health and vitality into the future, by making a financial contribution to the World Café Community Foundation (please use the “Give” button in the sidebar, left).



Become part of one or more of the global teams that support the gift of the World Cafe and help it continue to travel freely all over the globe.  We need help with harvesting, communications, and fundraising. Or, if you would like to support the celebrations in some other way, please let us know.
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