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Volunteer to Support the Gift of the World Cafe

We can use YOUR help in supporting the gift of the World Cafe and helping it to continue traveling freely in the world – throughout our 20th Anniversary Years and beyond.

Here’s How!

If you have time, interest, experience or skills (and/or the willingness to learn) in any of the following areas, please contact us with more details and we’ll get right back to you on how you can help.


  • Programmers to help create a bigger better easier-to-access Impact Map


  • Write Newsletter articles
  • Craft Updates and Invitations
  • Write Blog Posts
    • About the impact you have experienced with World Café
    • About what you would like to see in local Impact Cafés
    • About your experience in the World Cafe Signature Learning Programs


  • Help with periodic mailings and community updates
  • Manage Social Media updates on FaceBook, Twitter &, LinkedIn
  • Spread the word about about the World Café through your own community channels
  • Reach out to others in the communities of people who use World Cafe and invite their participation.


  • Help keep the website updated
  • Edit and Upload Stories of Impact
  • Populate the Global Impact Map


  • Contact those people you know who have benefited from the 1st 20 years of World Cafe & ask them if they can help support the next 20 years of impact!
  • Help conceive, design, and run a crowd-sourcing campaign to support the costs of keeping the World Cafe freely visible and accessible to all.


  • Become an active voice in the online community
  • Offer communications support within the planning groups in the online community
  • Help edit and keep the online community site updated
  • Share your wisdom in the online community forums


  • Follow up with people who have Impact Stories they want to share on the phone or by online interview


  • Host an Impact Cafe in your area
  • Support others in hosting Impact Cafes
  • Spread the word about World Café
  • Help support online World Cafés


  • Proofread and categorize Stories of Impact
  • Read Impact Café reports and scan for patterns and themes
  • Help compile a “Harvest Document” from the 20th Anniversary Local & Global Impact Cafés