Your opinion sought

Rank your choices for energy efficiency at a site provided by Senator Barbara Boxer.

Boxer "Last Tuesday, my first major act as the new Chair of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee was to hold a hearing on global warming.  More than one-third of my colleagues participated — an unprecedented number — each Senator offering his or her own ideas and perspectives about how we should deal with the global warming crisis.
Then, after the hearing, I was further energized by the feedback I received when blogging about the hearing on DailyKos, spawning a rousing discussion that drew more than 800 comments to my initial blog post.
Clearly, online and offline, from the halls of Congress to the keyboards of Americans all across our country, a growing bipartisan consensus is emerging to confront this environmental crisis head-on…so please, take just 60 seconds to rank your preferred approaches for fighting global warming now!"  -Barbara Boxer